Monthly Archives: June 2016

This is YOUR Journey

No matter what anyone tells you, this is a journey and it is your journey.  When you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it.  There is strength in your weakness.  Also, do not be afraid to speak up when others try to over help you (otherwise known as taking over your life). …
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My Induction into Widowhood–In Teresa’s Words

October 27, 2009.  The day that is changed our lives forever.  I was having a normal life as 6th grade science teacher, mom of 2 teenaged boys, wife of an amazing man and living the American dream life.  Well not precisely perfect but pretty much it looks that way from the outside.  Inside, we are…
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Becoming a Widow…In Jeni’s Words

November 28, 2007...this is a day that forever changed our family.  The night before, Bob and the kids had talked about a ball game.  He had taken vacation that week and didn’t want them to go.  They really did want to go and there was some discussion as to whether or not they would be…
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