Monthly Archives: March 2017

Peach Roses & Blue Carnations

  Bob and I had dated off and on for many years before we married.  During the end of our courtship, Bob surprised me with a homemade dinner for us at my house.  It was an elegant dinner of salad and chicken parmesan.  On the table was a vase of peach roses.  As we were…
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1 year anniversary – Teresa

Teresa’s 1 Year 10/2010 The impending week before I was a wreck, up and down.  Emotionally all over the place.  I was wishing the entire month of October would just disappear.  I am dreading with all my being the entire month of October.  It’s hanging there like a giant turd.  I was wishing I could…
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1 year anniversary–Jeni

For me, apparently, my grief recovery from my husband's loss was going to be scattered with other losses in a variety of forms.  At the 3 month mark (February), I lost my grandmother on my mother's side.  September brought Hurricane Ike to Indiana and flooded the entire lower level of the house.  More than half…
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