Gratitude in these times

2020 has made life different for everyone. The Pandemic has added stressors that nobody even envisioned in the previous years. Added to the strangeness and isolation of the time, we now face Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays without our loved one. The stress and anxiety of just one of these elements can be overwhelming. Mix the three together and they can seem insurmountable.

What do you do?  How do you cope?

First, acknowledge the stress and anxiety of this moment. Take a moment for yourself and acknowledge even the littlest victories. Realize that there is a lot that we don’t have control over and find ways to change/modify what you can and accept what you cannot change.  

Next, take time to take care of you. Read a book, take a walk, call/zoom a friend. Getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine can really help with stress & anxiety,.

Try to find things to be thankful for even in these times.  

You may be feeling like I'm grieving. What do I have to be thankful or grateful for in my present circumstances?

We know that it may be hard to be grateful with all that is happening in your life. That’s normal and depending upon where you are on your journey, gratitude may be more challenging to find. We acknowledge this. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and not particularly grateful or thankful. It’s more than OK.

However, finding things to be grateful for may actually help you in reducing the overwhelm, anxiety and stress that you are feeling.

To find some of these things, you might want to look at the memories in your life and find ones that you are grateful to have…or... identify a few items or people in your life that have been helpful to you. Big or small, finding something to be grateful for can bring you comfort and peace...even in times of turmoil, loss, anxiety, stress, and grief.

Why do you want to find gratitude in your life right now?  Here are some possible reasons:

  • Sleep can be improved
  • A stronger immune and cardiovascular system
  • Be more positive and overall well being
  • Best of all it can improve your relationships and community

In this time of pandemic and division in the world what better way to begin to heal than to express gratitude and thanksgiving?

Can you think of one thing you are grateful for? 

  • What has helped you in your time of grief and loss?
  • Who may have been supportive and you’d like to thank?
  • What resources have been helpful?
  • What memories do you treasure?

Simple Acts of Gratitude

  • Think of one thing daily you are grateful for
  • Write in your journal a daily gratitude (or weekly/monthly)
  • Make a social media post expressing thanks and gratitude
  • Call a friend or supporter and thank them. (email, text or write a letter if you are up to it)

We are grateful for you!

We are grateful for our Torn in Half work, presenting, growing our blog and community. We are grateful for our followers and supporters. You make this possible. 

We understand that holidays and anniversaries may be difficult depending where you are in your grief journey. We’re cognizant that you may or may not have support or people around during this “holiday” season due to pandemic restrictions.  

Wishing you and yours a safe, blessed, peaceful Thanksgiving.

With Gratitude, Peace and Blessings,

Jeni and Teresa

PS. We’ll pick up the community series in next post.

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