Monthly Archives: March 2021

Breathe – Just Breathe (Paperback now available!)

Breathe - Just Breathe A resource for the challenging first days after the death of a spouse. Paperback Version Now Available! The difficulty of losing a spouse often leaves us looking for resources. We have created this mini workbook to allow you to wade through those challenging first days. Look for our future books that…
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Claiming Your Journey

Widowhood is not an organization that anyone chooses to join or wishes to join. There is absolutely no choice in the matter. Those of us in this particular “club” don’t want any more members to join; however, we know that there will be new people on this journey with us. Take your time on this…
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The First Days widow journey ebook is now available!

The First Days widow journey ebook is now available!  This ebook is for those who are newly widowed. While nobody ever wants to be a widow/widower, it is something we must handle once it comes to us. We created this workbook to provide guidance in those very difficult first days. We hope it will provide…
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