You are currently viewing Breathe – Just Breathe (Paperback now available!)

Breathe – Just Breathe (Paperback now available!)

Breathe – Just Breathe
A resource for the challenging first days after the death of a spouse.

Paperback Version Now Available!

The difficulty of losing a spouse often leaves us looking for resources. We have created this mini workbook to allow you to wade through those challenging first days. Look for our future books that will assist in getting through the rest of the widow journey. For now, please use this book to get through the first steps. 

Take the time to breathe.

This book is for those who are newly widowed. While nobody ever wants to be a widow/widower, it is something we must handle once it comes to us. We hope this book will provide solace and peace as you enter into this unchartered territory of your life. 

From one of our Readers:

“Valuable, Timely, Immediately Useful

Valuable as in Valid – this is so representative of the real experiences of Teresa & Jeni. It will be a joy to share.

While I do not know Jeni, I am so grateful she and Teresa have been able to navigate their ways forward with such mutual support.

Timely – I’ve a hunch all of these contents will be conceptually transferable to other forms of sudden and/or unexpected loss.

My sense is it is Immediately Useful – and Timeless.

It was healing to me to read it because it is so thoughtful and encouraging there IS passage through.”
— Sherry Lowery

Please help us spread the word and get it to those who need it most. Our hope is to be a resource and provide companionship during those incredibly challenging first days of being a widow/widower. 

How you can help spread the word and share this work:

  • Share via your social media
  • Share this book with anyone you know who may benefit
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  • Purchase, read and write us a review
  • Gift it to someone
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Where to find the book?

The Kindle eBook and paperback versions are available for ordering now through Amazon:

Big shout out and warm thank you to our readers, book critique group and our families for their support and encouragement. 

Thank you in advance for sharing and we’d love to hear your comments.

Peace and Blessings,

Teresa & Jeni