Monthly Archives: July 2021

What to say and what to not say when someone loses a loved one

We often get asked, “What do I say to the bereaved? It’s so hard to know what to say? I don’t want to say something stupid or hurtful. Can’t you just tell me what to say?” While we cannot tell you exactly what to say in each instance, today’s article is an attempt to help…
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Widow longer than Married

This blog is about Jeni’s milestone, entering a new stage of life. So, this month marks an odd milestone for me. On July 4th, as everyone was celebrating Independence day, I became a widow for a time span equal to the time I was married. Every day that passes now makes it longer than my…
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Selling Our Dream Home

This blog is about Teresa's journey selling her home. I’ve avoided writing about this for a good long while on this blog. It’s a difficult topic for me, all wrapped up in an intricate quilt of emotions. The house was so much more than just a dwelling we lived in. It was our dream home…
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