Monthly Archives: July 2018

Anger – The Next Step in The Grief Journey

This is the 2nd topic, in our Let’s Talk About The Grief Journey and Stages. Anger-- it’s a topic often thought to be a negative feeling. While it can be negative, it is a valid feeling and It happens. It can be a positive part of the grieving process and it is often a part…
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Grief Journey & Stages – Let’s talk about them

We often use the term grief journey to describe our personal journeys through the grief stages. Often, you will hear us refer to the widow journey in many of our blogs.  Today we came to the realization that we have not discussed the steps or stages of said journey. So…. We are starting a series…
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Summer Time Vacationing and Grief

It’s summertime and everyone is vacationing and posting their happy family photos on social media. Meanwhile for those who are grieving you may not even be able to contemplate vacationing and having fun. That’s perfectly alright. It is your journey. However, vacations and grief can go together.  Getting out into the world and opening yourself…
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