Monthly Archives: November 2020

Gratitude in these times

2020 has made life different for everyone. The Pandemic has added stressors that nobody even envisioned in the previous years. Added to the strangeness and isolation of the time, we now face Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays without our loved one. The stress and anxiety of just one of these elements can be overwhelming. Mix…
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Gratitude to our Veterans

Veterans Day is November 11th, the day we honor the men and women who have served our country who deserve our highest levels of gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices they have made on our behalf. These men and women have offered up themselves so that we can have the freedom and the lifestyle that…
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Finding Community and Connection

In our previous post, our guest bloggers Pastor David and Shannon Carroll spoke about the importance of community during their journey with amnesia. Today, we would like to discuss the concept of community in your widow journey.  We plan to follow with a series of questions about community and the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries…
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