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Books and Resources for Grief Support

Torn in Half’s mission is to be a resource to widows and widowers. In addition to our blog and resources page, we have written a few books to assist in processing grief. Save or bookmark this so that when you are looking for grief resources, you have them close when you need them or to share with others.

Books (click the links to order from Amazon)

The First Days: Coping with Life After Loss

This book is to assist those who are in the early stages of the grief journey. Those first days after losing your spouse are challenging, to say the very least. This book is intended to help guide you through that time and allow you a place to record your emotions, thoughts, and needs.

The difficulty of losing a spouse often leaves us looking for resources. This workbook allows you to wade through those challenging first days.

My Journey as a Widow: A Widow’s First Journal

This journal is for those who are widowed and are looking for assistance in working through the complex feelings and emotions that happen in this phase of life. It is a way to cultivate hope and move forward. While nobody ever wants to be a widow/widower, it’s a journey we have to travel through once it has begun. We hope that this journal will assist you in finding your way.

Next book – Self-Care

Our next book will enter into the world of self-care. We plan to write about how to take care of you while you are processing grief or trauma.

If there are other topics you would like us to address in a book, please let us know.

Free Resources:

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We’ve written on several topics that can be of support, such as – Boundaries, It’s OK, The Grief Journey – “Stages”, Grief Struggles, Special Events, Holidays, Veterans, Solo Parenting, What to do with the Stuff, Self- Care and many more. We’ve been regularly blogging since 2016. If you have a topic you’d like us to explore please let us know

Resources Page
We have gathered resources we have found useful and helpful that we wished we had known about on our resources page. Topics from Grief Stages, Widow/Widower Support, Traumatic Grief, Grief Support, For Children, and more.

Save and bookmark this for future grief needs. Please share with others as well to help those who need it.

Our best piece of advice? Take the time to breathe. Yes, just breathe. Everything else will come in its time. 

Peace and Blessings,
Teresa & Jeni

PS: You can download our free copy of 10 Ways to Move Forward After Loss for additional support.

The First Days: Coping with Life After Loss is a resource for the first days after a loss – available on Amazon in paperback.

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