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Grief Struggles – Why is this our path?

From time to time, we have a discussion about what topics we want to cover in our blog. We decided to start a series on grief struggles. There are also times that we discuss whether or not to continue writing on this topic of grief. It is during these times that we usually have unexpected encounters that let us know we are on the right path for us and that we should continue our writing. God keeps nudging us to continue this work. 

Recently, Jeni went to Staples to buy a printer. The sales clerk had just lost her husband and was struggling. They ended up crying and talking in the parking lot. A few days later, Jeni was working a fundraiser and had another widow come to her. We definitely know that this work is needed and that we are the ones to do it. However, who chooses to write about grief?

Teresa was recently at a conference, and a number of people wanted our book for friends, loved ones, and others who had lost someone. Another woman purchased it for her book study with other widows. Teresa has also had an uptick in grief coaching clients and widows specifically. Who chooses to write and coach on grief and loss?

Apparently, we have been chosen to do this work, write these blogs and provide resources for other grieving widows. We often ask, Why is this our path? 

Sometimes we’d rather not talk about or write about grief. It’s such a heavy topic, and we’d like just to move on and not think or deal with it. It is during these times that we realize our work is making a difference and that we need to continue. We hope and pray that our words are helping you on your journey.

Grief is a struggle and challenge. We realize that. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid it. Once you have been placed on that difficult path, it is a journey that must be traveled, and there is no way around it. Avoiding the journey just causes more difficulty. 

The struggles and challenges of grief wind a pathway through our hearts and soul. There are intense struggles at the beginning. There are awkward struggles. There are it’s been x years, and I’m still struggling moments. Grief is not something that you “Get Over”; it is something that you incorporate into your life. 

Grief and death are not if it’s when -there’s no way off this planet Earth without it. Grief is left for those left behind and torn in half or a thousand pieces. It has been said that Grief is love that has nowhere to go.

So, though we sometimes struggle with writing about grief, we know that this is what we, for whatever reason, are supposed to be doing. Again, we pray that our writings help you and others on this difficult journey. Let us know if there is anything that you would like for us to write about.

In the next series, we intend to write about the different kinds of struggles grief brings us. We have some ideas and topics. We’d love to hear what YOU would like us to write about or discuss. Do you have a struggle story you’d like to share? 

Please contact us and let us know of any particular grief struggles or topics you’d like us to explore. We appreciate your support and input. 

Peace & blessings,
Teresa & Jeni 

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