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Introducing The First Moments blog series

When we lose our spouses, our entire world changes in an instant. All of a sudden, normal everyday things become foreign, unusual and non routine in our lives. Just as we had first years of school as children, first boo-boo, first day of school, first dates, first kisses, first breakup. We now have many new firsts in our lives without the one we loved. The first holiday without them, the first month without them, the first hours without them, etc. Only this time, many of our first come with tears, memories to handle and many other emotions.

We are starting a blog series called Those First Moments as a resource for support during this new set of firsts.

In the widow journey, you are going to experience many firsts. With grief and all by your side, you may have some difficulty and wonder how to cope with everything. We hope that our experiences and words can be of help to you during this time. We have compiled a set of firsts from our experiences that were particularly challenging as a start to this series.

The blog series will include:

  • Those first moments – driving by accident scene
  • Those first moments –  the hospital
  • Those first hours – organ donation & autopsy
  • Those first hours the crowd gathering, those first helpers
  • Those first hours – first calls
  • Those first hours – ceremony choices
  • Those first moments in funeral fog
  • Those first – changed sleeping habits
  • Those first moments – going back to work
  • Those first moments – the first social outing

If you have a first you experienced that we missed in our list of topics, please let us know. We would be happy to write about a topic you need to hear about. We invite you to give us a story to include if you like to share.

Please like and share.

Many blessings to you all,

Jeni & Teresa

PS: For additional support you can download our free copy of 10 Ways to Move Forward After Loss

Torn in Half: The First Days as a resource for the first days after a loss – available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.