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It’s been a week & it’s going to be OK

This week has been a difficult one for both of us. We have each had major life events that have caused upheaval in our lives. It was our intent and on our schedule to write another version of our “It’s OK” series. We agreed that, at the moment, we both were not OK and that we were not up to writing our usual blogs. Thus, we decided to share with you the fact that sometimes our lives are messy and life happens. It’s OK, not great, not good, but OK.

Instead, we are just going to lean into our own self care. Fortunately, we both know the importance of taking good care of ourselves. We’ve done the push through it and force it, caffeinate through it, ignore it. As you may know and as we have found, these coping methods don't work and result in more stress and life upheaval. It is best in these situations to take time to breathe, rest, recover and recoup.  

Remember, It’s OK to take care of you. 

As we all know, things are going to happen in life that will make us change direction in an instant or in a certain time frame. We know that life before that event and after that event will be different in some way, shape or fashion. It is during these times that it is helpful to remember that, no matter how difficult, you (we) have survived 100% of our days thus far. We will, somehow, get through “this”, no matter what the “this” happens to be at the moment.

We are both going to be OK and will lean on God, get rest, take care of what we can, do the best we can, ask for help, and pray for these life storms to abide. We know that we’ll overcome these times and life will have joy and peace again.

We wish for you to have the ability to take care of yourself at times when life turns a new direction or takes a twist that was unexpected. We have all survived one of the worst storms life has to offer and we can survive the other twists that come. We just need to remember to take the time to take care of ourselves so that when life happens, we can get through it.

Remember - It’s OK. YOU are OK.

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Peace & Blessings,
Jeni & Teresa

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