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Our Western culture doesn’t embrace talking about grief and loss.  It’s often a taboo or at the very least an uncomfortable topic of conversation.  However, talking about your loss and grief in an open and non-judgmental setting can be healthy and beneficial.

What are some  benefits of Talking About Your Grief?

  • Lessens the intensity of the sadness, anger, and pain
  • Improves your immune, heart/vascular, and nervous systems
  • Some needed out-loud thinking that can lead to perspective
  • Feeling of peace and stability that it’s OK and you are normal for having these feelings
  • Venting and releasing stress around your grief
  • Finding hope from others who may inspire or be helpful
  • Finding support and understanding from others – possibly who’ve experienced a similar loss
  • Learning coping skills and techniques from others

Tips for Whom To Talk To

  1. Be aware others might not be ready or able to listen – ask first
  2. Learn how to ask for what you need
  3. Do you need them to: just to listen, no problem solving or judgment,  maybe you DO want advice or problem solving,  time to vent, someone to verify you are not losing your mind, or a shoulder to cry on, or someone bounce ideas off of, etc.
  4. Choose carefully and wisely – be sure you trust them and they are someone unrelated and involved in your loss.
  5. Don’t go this alone. Get the support you need and want.

If there is no way you are comfortable talking about your loss at this time what can you do?

  • Try journaling
  • Writing can have similar benefits
  • Painting, crafting, drawing or some other outlet for emotion
  • Talking to a trusted person, professional, mentor, coach, or spiritual guide can often result in greater benefits.

Do you have other ideas about talking about your loss and grief?  What have you experienced?  We’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts with us. Contact us.

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Sending you Peace & Blessings on your grief journey,

Teresa Bitner – PMP, M.Ed. ACC
Resiliency, Change and Loss Expert

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