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Stuck in Grief? – What does being stuck in grief look like ?

Do you feel stuck in your grief? What is the difference between normal grieving and being stuck? Psychologists call being stuck in grief prolonged or complicated grief. First let’s discuss what is normal and when grief does become complicated. All of the “stages” and feelings of grief are perfectly normal with grief.  The feelings typically…
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Talking About Grief – Upcoming Aug. Workshops & Presentations

Our Western culture doesn’t embrace talking about grief and loss.  It’s often a taboo or at the very least an uncomfortable topic of conversation.  However, talking about your loss and grief in an open and non-judgmental setting can be healthy and beneficial. What are some  benefits of Talking About Your Grief? Lessens the intensity of…
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Dating…Back to the Beginning

Standing beside my husband’s casket, I had people tell me that I was young...I would marry again.  REALLY???  That was not what I needed to hear as I was standing by his side saying my goodbyes.  I couldn’t even begin to think of being with another man at that point.  He and I had known…
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