Monthly Archives: May 2018

50 to 100

 Bob would have been fifty today.  Today is the day of the year that he caught up to me and we shared the same age...until my birthday when I would jump ahead again and be his “old lady” for about eight months until he caught up again.    We probably would have had a huge…
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Lady Who Jumped in Police Car

The night Bob died was, undeniably, the worst night of my life.  Even so, there were moments of light in that night that I still carry with me today.  One of these was a woman who came into the hospital with my children. When I had found Bob, he was lying alone in front of…
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Mother’s Day Musings

Mother’s Day is totally different now.  You are now both Mother and Father. Single parenting is hard. People are still trying to help you handle the events of life.  You, however, are amazing. You are moving on. You are breathing. Celebrate that. As we continue to say, self care is important. Mother’s Day is no…
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