3 Tips to Survive a Holiday Event


The holidays during grief are hard to say the very least.  Happy this and Merry that, when you are not feeling so happy or merry.  You get that email invite or invitation in the mail. Or God forbid, they ask you in person to their event and want a response. Augh…

How do you react? What do you say and do?

Dealing with those events and invitations from well meaning people can be a challenge. What do you do?

Here are a few tips for surviving a holiday event when you are grieving.

3 Tips to Survive a Holiday Event

  1. Decide what you need and want right now.
    • Do you want to attend event?
    • Is this an uplifting positive event?
    • Are there positive supportive people there?
    • If you do not want to attend – say NO
      • You have permission to say NO and it’s perfectly normal and OK to say No.
    • Do the holidays how you want to and how you are able to.
  1. Plan Ahead
    • Consider what might be the triggers for you?
      • Food, music, seeing so-and-so, memories, etc.,
    • How long do you stay?
      • You have permission to leave early or arrive late
      • Consider going for 30min, just the snacks or deserts.
    • Communicate your intentions with host and elicit a friend as well.
  1. Have a backup Plan
  • Have a plan to leave earlier if you need to.
  • Have a plan if/when a trigger is hit.
    • Tissues, plan to exit or move to quiet location, how do you want to be treated, etc.
  • Have a plan for if you try and just cannot go to event.
    • Movie, meal, or alternative outing for yourself.

Hopefully these tips can help you on your grief journey and make the holidays a bit easier to cope with.  Looking for additional resources?  Check out our resource page.

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Peace, Love, & Blessings,

Teresa Bitner, PMP, M.Ed., ACC

Bold Fulfilled Business & Life Coach –Change and Loss Specialty